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To the end of ...

... of my attention span

20 December
So I guess it is time to update this here piece of text. I have being using the same text since I first joined L.J in December 2003. It was pretty basic. Of course I doubt that will change.

Who am I?

I am A Gamer, A reader, A watcher of Moving pictures, a college graduate, an employee, a Son, a brother, an Uncle and a friend.

I love gaming, during some very bad times in my live it gave me an escape; a place to vent. Gaming is something I enjoy, and something i think many people should try at some point or another.

I love to read. Whatever form it takes. My tastes tend towards current affairs, Historic events, Science Fiction stories and Fantasy stories. I also like Fan Fiction. On occasion i have being known to write small pieces of fiction. usually related to characters I am playing in my role-playing games.

As for all that other stuff well I guess that is stuff you will learn by reading my live journal.