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I am currently in Zagreb for Eurocon, the European science fiction convention.

The trip has had one or two lows and about a million highs!

The lows include that I was so unprepared for the weather, I got sunburn!

The highs:
The various levels of work out in over the last 18ish months paying off, and us winning our bid to be Eurocon 2014.

Getting to know the Croatian fans, who are beyond cool. If you ever find yourself in Croatia in the last week of April, check out if sferakon is on, as it is fantastic!

I knew I was in need of a holiday, and the stress of the final push for the bid had me in bits, but the party to 5am last night followed by many hours of sleep helped me "let my hair down" I may have done a bit of dancing in the after con party, before I finally had to go to bed.

I have a few more days in Zagreb, which will be relaxed days of wandering the old city, and checking out the various sites, and basically enjoying my summer holiday.

When I get home, there is a lot of work to do, but that's for later.
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News Type Stuff

In exciting news, the scum bag of Dublin have broken into my Car! This was not on the street where i lived, it was down in the City Centre.

I am a little annoyed, however nothing was stolen. Or i have not noticed anything that was stolen.

The Garda response was top notch. They showed up within 20 minutes, and one checked the other cars on the street while the other went over my details. They then called in another Guard who collected several items that had been moved, in the hopes of finding prints. (while they were waiting for the other Guard, they pulled a couple of cars, one for speeding, and the other for no lights). Hopefully they will catch the scum, and if not, they have made best efforts.

I have called the windows guys my insurance company use, and have a callback sometime after 9am. Its all a bit of fun and games really.

So hopefully window will be fixed tomorrow. However no idea what time that will be done at. Hence knocking my plans for tomorrow into highly doubtful space!

In a weird way i am taking this a lot better than the last time this happened, which would have been more than 5 years ago( i can't place it exactly, but it was before i had passed my driving test, so pre-March of 07. I know deannawolhad started driving, as she came and helped me calm down. I think the major differences are that it was not in my garden, and nothing was taken.

Still massively annoyed over the issue, but whatever!

On another Note, i have had my car Five Years. wow. It doesn't feel that long.
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Eastercon 2012

So the weekend just past was Olympus, the 63rd Eastercon.

First I had a ball, meet loads of old friends, and made a number of new friends.

I am not going  to give a blow by blow account of the event, as it was a four day marathon of 8.30 to 2am days! And i actually had an extra day at the start as certain nameless friends convinced me to come and build Ikea furniture! We built something like 12 couches, 24 chairs and 6 Tables! or some other set of numbers i lost track! so i can't recall it all.

There are certain things that define events like Eastercon, and one of those was that while building the furniture, who should show up to give a helping hand? Paul Cornell. Paul was a GOH at the convention, so he could easily have spent the entire con as a king, instead, proving once again that he is the nicest man alive, he was in helping! but i digress, which is going to happen a LOT in this piece!

i am going to attempt to limit my thoughts to just talk about the two panels that really got me thinking. Not on the many other exciting events that happened at the convention!

Collapse )
So anyway, in closing, both of these panels have me thinking about what can be done to make sure that Octocon is a respectful place, and a welcoming place....
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Octocon Update

As some of you may be aware, PCon is one this weekend. As this is one of the only other Science fiction conventions in Ireland, It is a good place to try and 'pimp' for members to my own convention Octocon.

So it was time to release some Octocon news.

The main thing, was that we were once again doing an E-Book, and that is now available for download in E-pub and Mobi. We should have a PDF version next week.

The other thing was that we released the names of Six guests, these were all part of the E-Book, so no real secret about there presence as guests, indeed there names would have been made public weeks ago, but we had a couple of issues migrating from our 2011 to 2012 site, these issues are mostly solved, and so we have a 2012 site!

Anyway, check out the book, let me know what you think!
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Having a quiet Sunday afternoon in my favourite Cafe, and doing some thinking.

Of course this will not lead me to taking any action based on this thinking, as that would be far to smart and clever and all that!

Oh well, I am trying really hard to get various things on track, however I have picked up a whole new project which has stolen even more of my free time, it's nice been busy, just wish that it didn't encourage me back into bad eating habits!

One must try harder.

Hope your having a good day/week/month/year...

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Settling in

So i have moved.

I moved on New years eve, and well i didn't update you lot, because i was too busy telling Twitter all about it!

At this point i am not fully settled in, i need to sort out a few things still, but it is a nice house, though i am now living on the Northside of Dublin. Near to the Canal and the National Botanical Gardens, which i will visit in February.... Maybe April, but before August!

The house is about 35 minutes walk from work, or about 15 minutes by Bike. I am still exploring all the various options, but hopefully i shall be doing a lot more walking over the next while.
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Moving Hell

I am, as you are probably aware, in the middle of the worst move of my life.

I need to be fully moved out of my current place by the 1st of Jan. However, i have as yet to find anywhere to move into. I have seen some lovely places with lovely places, and some dumps that i wonder why anyone would live in!

In the end i suspect wherever i move will be short term, which is why so much of my stuff is going into storage, as i suspect that i may be moving again come June or July!

However because of how tired i am, and because of whatever i did to my back, i still have a pile of crap to sort through and work out what to do with.

All in all i need to find more time and energy, and of course for it to stop hurting when i bend over!

Yet another sporadic update

So i am in the process of moving.

I am still not sure where i am going, but i need to be out of here on the 31st of December. A friend of mine has offered me a spare room in his place, actually several friends have offered.

As such, if i don't find anywhere by the middle of next week, i am Homeless!

This is a weird situation. I mean i won't be on the streets, but still a person of No Fixed Abode!

Anyway I have put the Vast majority of my books, Games, CD's and DVD's into Storage in my parents place*. I will probably put the rest of my not 100% necessary stuff in next weekend, this includes putting my main computer somewhere, though i haven't really used my Main computer as anything more than a file download-er or music player in about 2 months.

I have been looking at places, all pretty nice, just waiting to here back from some of them.

Still it distracts me nicely from the Christmas season.
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A passing life Update

I Have giving notice to Landlord on Awesome Apartment, and so shall have to leave at end of the month.

I shall be moving somewhere.....Hopefully before the end of the year, but if need be i am sure i can crash with family or friends, for a few weeks (Months...) until i sort somewhere to leave.

That been the case i shall have to start all that i own into boxes. hopefully for direct to move to new place, or possibly into storage if i am living with friends.

In the meantime this weekend i am off to a convention that is for Convention Runners. The idea being that it is a place for people who run events to be able to share information and ideas and so on. It is normally held in North America, but this year it is in Amsterdam.

Anyway. hope all is well with you lot.
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My livejournal posting has been sporadic at best, I admit I am not really a blogger person. But it is nice to have a place I can come to and vent on occasion :)

So who knows when I next post or what it will be about, but hopefully it won't be too long.