omegar (omegar) wrote,

A post to livejournal.

Its a hello, i haven't been here for a few weeks. 

Nothing exciting has happened....I have been Reading, trying to get through my Hugo REading list. a couple of more stories, two books and a pile of Graphic Novels.

Work is busy and has me working on so many projects i am loosing track of time during the day. So that is fun, better than spending eight hours surfing the internet. I have a project finished, well my part of it is finished. I am doing installs on a server so that it can act as our pre-release test server, and as a model for our live servers. So lots of installing software, and then going backwards as i realize what i did wrong. am almost ready, and then i pass the deployment over to work mate to test to breaking point!

After that comes the much bigger project, that will be even more. 

But i digress away from whatever i am talking about to go into far to much detail about what is going on in work.

I am heading to This years Worldcon in Chicago, haven't been in Chico since 1986, so thats what 26 years, wonder how its changed, and would i really notice as i wasn't very observent back in the day.

Hopefully i may even have something exciting to report from Chicago, but i will probably forget for weeks and then come online and say that i had fun, like most of my convention reports.
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