May 12th, 2015

Invincible Iron Man

The Storm Light Archive

I recently listened to the first two books of this series on Audio book. And i am in truth blown away by the level of mastery shown within the books.

The Stormlight Archives is a series from Brandon Sanderson, whose other work i have enjoyed. If you have not read any of his work, i recomend that you start with something simple like the Final Empire, or maybe Elantris. Both are excellent books, Elantris suffers from author trying to be clever but makes up for that by been a single volume Fantasy novel.

The Storm Light Archive is, I think, going to be Brandon's Masterwork, the piece of work that will gain him the right to call himself a master in the field of fantasy. I know some already consider him that, and i am probably one of them, however the quality of the first two books will make it difficult to deny him, if he can keep that quality up for all of the books.

I am not going to go into deep detail, as this is beyond the scope of my ability, however what struck me most about the books as i listened, as little bits were revealed, was the depth of the world around the characters. This isn't a simple oh look at these three or four countries that make up the world. While we are focused on one culture, we see hints and mentions of so many other places and culture that are going to add to the world.

If you are a fantasy reader, i do recomend that you consider adding this series to your list. Though warning, it is a slow go for this, and i suspect it will be at best one book every two years for the series, which is apparently ten books long. So if you want to wait i do understand. Go read the Mistborn Triology's instead!